Welcome to FRETBOARD String School!

Providing instruction, mentoring and workshops in:


  • Resonator/Dobro Guitar
  • Lap Steel Guitar
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Weissenborn

” Understanding the building blocks of music opens many doors, doors that remain closed to those who can’t get beyond their limited knowledge.”
~~ Jack Perricone

  • $30 per 45 minute session

Not currently accepting new students.


  • Individual lesson plans based on assessment, skill level and the musical goals of the student
  • Begin with and build upon on solid fundamentals and musical foundations to support the music you like to play
  • Develop an understanding and comprehension of your instrument
  • Leverage the first 3 items listed and what others have done to influence your own creativity, but don’t be a copy cat – be you!
  • Apply the constructs and techniques of music to play any genre

“Life is about creating yourself”
~~ Bob Dylan


Call for workshop rates and availability.

    • . . . Many times you’ll find that you learn more about music from life than from music.
    — Mick Goodrick