One does not learn everything from any one style/species. Every style has its particular technique, and therefor, one must know exactly why he chooses some particular style rather than another as a basis for instruction.
— Johann Joseph Fux


Reso Hangout
Flatpicking Guitar Magazine
Peghead Nation


Rob Ickes
Lessons with Troy
Ivan Rosenberg
Mike Witcher
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Andy Hall
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Bolin Gutairs
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Pat Pattison
Justin Guitar
Songwriters on Songwriting
Theory of Harmony by Arnold Schoenberg
Verse — An Introduction to Prosody by Wily Blackwell
Behind Bars – Music Notation by Elaine Gould
The Nashville Number System
NSAI – Nashville Songwriters Association International
The Psychology of Music, Third Edition by Diana Deutseh

“you can’t get somewhere without making the journey”
~Madeline Bruser

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London College of Music’s Guitar Institute
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Berklee Colledge of Music

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American Federation of Musicians
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New York  (212) 245-4802
Las Vegas  (702) 647-3690

Musician Medicine

Texas Center for Performing Arts Health

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“Play the melody on the first part of your solo and then I don’t give a damn
if you cut it to pieces.”
~ Earl Scruggs to Buck Graves