Flatpick 102


Level: Low Intermediate to Intermediate

Alan Anderson
Meets: January 25 – March 1, 2023 (Wed)  
Location: Hillside Junior High 
Class Size Limit: 7 Workshop Participants
Cost: Pending   (’round $60)
Time: Wed from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM — Pending

Flatpick 102 is a 6 week intermediate workshop designed to leverage the skills learned in Flatpick 101 to: Arrange Solos for Vocal Tunes using a 5 Step process. The workshop will explore:

Carter Style Arrangements;
Tremole Embellishments;
Double Stops Embellishments;

Experience level is low intermediate to intermediate however, workshop participants new to the instrument may struggle unless they are familiar with I – IV – V chord progressions in the Keys of G (G-C-D) and C (C-F-G) and, are able to make the changes at 50 to 60 BPM by week 2.  This will be a jam style class with 7 workshop participants working a song or songs at 60 BPM in those progressions.

Acoustic Guitar: 6 string flat top (steel string) no 12 strings! Round-neck resonators are OK.
Recommended Strings: D’Addarios 80/20 Bronze – EJ12
Metronome: Yes – required. Phone app OK.
Plectrum/Pick: .88 to 1.5mm
Text:Flatpicking Essentials Volume 2: Learning How to Solo – Carter Style and Beyond
By Dan Miller

Test Book Cost: $24.95
Available at: https://www.flatpick.com/product_p/2437.htm

Check the  Community Education Office website for updates.


Workshop Presentation

Reading List

Week 1 & 2

Overview of 101 the skills we will build upon
Arranging Solos for Vocal Tunes
5 Steps
Practicing the Steps

Week 1 Handouts
Handout#1: I-IV-V Chord Diagrams
Handout #2: Chord Progression (Strum Pattern) for Song
Handout #3: Scale Diagrams
Handout #4: Song/Melody Updated 2/4/23 (anacrusis repair)

Week 2 Handouts
Handout #4a: Song, Rhythm and Melody
Backing Track: 60 BPM (icon at bottom to loop)
Backing Track: 80 BPM (icon at bottom to loop)
Handout #5: Simplification Work Sheet: Blank Sheet Music
Handout #6: Will The Circle Be Unbroken – Simplification
Handout #7: Will The Circle Be Unbroken – Melody Contour

Week 3

Practice with the Carter Style –

Week 4 Handouts
Handout #8: Will The Circle Be Unbroken – Rev 1.0 Embellishment

Week 4

Handout #8: Will The Circle Be Unbroken – Rev 2.0 Embellishments

Developed Workshop Solos
Ken Barber

Week 5

Double Stops

Week 6

Handout #9: Will The Circle Be Unbroken – Rev 4.0 Embellishments